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About me

Welcome!  I'm so happy that you stopped by.

Join me on a new journey to share my photography and the

special moments captured by my lens. I'll also be sharing a few health and fitness tips with a drop of faith-filled moments to help STAY FOCUSED on what's important in life.

I'm really just a small town girl, working hard to capture big city dreams. I grew up on a farm in the small town of Pipestone, where you didn't have to lock your doors at night, you knew everybody's name, and you could walk, run or drive tractor everywhere. I was pretty active by being in three sports, school activities, working, church activities, 4H, and honored to be homecoming queen 25 years after my mom. 

My grandmother had a nice camera, and she would take pictures of us growing up. I always remember sitting down with her and going through the pictures, reminiscing about our special memories together. That's when my love for photos and the memories that can be captured with photography started. 


After high school, I headed to Mankato State University for college. My goal was to try and finish college in 3.5 years, get to the cities where a cute guy was, and start working.  Really, what was my rush?! (Don't answer that.)  I got it done, got married to that cute guy, and along came three amazing and very active kiddos.  


Active, to say the least... Sports have always been a big part of our family, but I had no idea how busy and what incredible experiences that hockey would bring to our family at many levels. 

I've always enjoyed photography through the years capturing different personalities, the perfect moments, senior pics, family, and sporting events.  But, when my third child left for college, it was the perfect time to really zoom in and focus on photography. 


When I'm not behind a camera or at my computer, you can find me working out, doing yoga, spending time with family and friends, in a hockey rink, in the kitchen, outside or at the cabin. 

It would be an honor to hear from you and a pleasure to capture the perfect moment, look or event for you with my lens. I'd love to chat, answer any questions and get to know you better. Please leave me a message at the bottom of the website or email me at  

Have an amazing day!




Each breath and every single day is a blessing, make the most of it, and do what you love to do with passion and purpose!




for the states of

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